“We want to protect.
Every man woman and child.
Against the elements.
We don’t fashion violence.
Imagine if everyone owned Pink Guns.”

This is the motto for the clothing company Pink Guns. But it goes a little further than that. Each line of this statement is separate and creates the whole idea. We want to create a clothing line that protects as well as defines everyone. There is nothing violent about a Pink Gun.

Our idea is anti-war, Pro-Peace.

Anti-hate. Pro-love. Pink Guns is not meant to be violent, just the opposite. And we want people who believe in these ideas to wear them across their chests, across their hearts like a badge, a badge of love. The color pink and the idea of violence are on exact opposite sides of the spectrum. Opposites attract is the story of Pink Guns. Both the color pink and to some extent guns have some eye catching beauty to them. Combined they cool one another to promote a sense of peace and non-violence. Especially when describing Guns, Pink isn’t usually the preferred color. But that’s the point.

My name is Nicholas Conlon and I started the clothing company Pink Guns in 2003. I started this after hearing about the atrocities happening in Africa. I had known about it a little bit but not to the extent of what I had read nor the detail of the news I heard of massacre and genocide in Africa of women and children. WOMEN AND CHILDREN. I just wanted to give every man, woman and child in Africa a pink gun. The women especially because they faced the worst of these atrocities. I knew I couldn’t give these women real guns pink or not, But I wanted to. I had to do something and clothing with the emblem of a Pink gun was something I knew I could give them. And I will. I want every man woman and child in the world to own pink guns.

In 2003, there was limited production of Pink Guns clothing, mostly for friends and family. Now in 2011 and beyond we will continue to create limited productions of particular designs as well as mass productions to help those in need. We want to keep it unique and fresh without forgetting what we are all about. Soon proceeds from the sales of our clothing line will benefit those in need. And together we will fight against the idea of violence.

Imagine if everyone owned Pink Guns

Anti-war   Anti-hate   Peace, love and the pursuit of such.

Imagine if everyone owned Pink Guns.

The Lightheartedness of Pink is the antithesis to the brash feel and image of a loaded gun. Combined they cool one another to promote a sense of peace and non-violence.

Nicholas Daniel Conlon